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ACES Snooker Club

In your quest to find the finest snooker in Chicago, snooker around Chicago, or snooker near Chicago, your ultimate destination is here.

Even more than the very well maintained and finest English billiards style equipment to be found in the Midwest, and playing to proper professional snooker standards, the ASC also boasts some of the greatest of snooker talents in the Chicago area as its members. Club members hail from countries all over the world and we have hosted visitors from five continents. Any traveling snooker enthusiast passing through the Chicago area may call or email to book a frame or two.

Basic Snooker Information

Snooker is a pool/billiards type game played throughout the world but is relatively unknown in the USA. Any pool players in the Northwest Chicago area who consider themselves to be avid and/or proficient players will surely find proper snooker to be a real challenge of their skills. To learn the basics of this great pastime as compared to pool, click here.

For more information about the ASC or to inquire about membership, Email Us.

ACES Snooker Club strives to emulate a classic English style working men's club, but of course with the primary focus on the Snooker. Despite the moniker of "working men's club", ladies and juniors are also invited as guests and are of course eligible for membership as well. Click the link to read more about the concept of the ACES Snooker Club as a working men's club.

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